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The Butcher

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fabulous ‘old-fashioned’ organic chicken from Bendele and Inglewood Farms.

Whole Bendele free range turkeys at Christmas plus organic turkey meat, roasts, bacon & ham from GreenAg Organic Free Range Turkey.

from Kokotungo in Central Queensland.

organic from Stannary Farms in north Queensland and free range from Dawson Valley in Central Queensland.



Dear Customer,

In our on-going efforts to enhance your shopping experience with Organic & Quality Foods we are changing our shopping cart format. It will still operate the same as the ‘list’ program you have been using for the last 12 months. However, now it will be presented in the standard ‘Shopping Cart’ format …. instead of drop-down lists it will now be displayed as drop-down photos!

Some tips

  1. Make sure you ‘Login’ under menu heading ‘Your Account’.
  2. To find the shopping categories go to ‘Shop Now’ in the menu.
  3. Always go to this ‘Shop Now’ drop-down list to return to categories.
  4. Please use the ‘Search’ function to find products if they don’t readily appear under the categories!
  5. You can view ‘Your Cart’ at any time by hovering over ‘Your Account’ and selecting ‘Your Cart’ in the drop-down menu.
  6. You will still be able to amend orders multiple times until OQF downloads your order at 6am on delivery day.
  7. The import function has been disabled to allow the new format to function. Please advise your Distributor if you need this function to be restored !


Any problems please contact Rob at OQF (3275 3552 or 0409 476224)
We really appreciate your on-going support !!!