Weekly Notice Week 2/18


Happy New Years and Welcome back to another wonderful year filled with Organic goodness. We hope everyone had a nice holiday and a break from normal routine. Now it’s time to get back to it and let ourselves revitalise with a natural boost of energy.
Here are our quick and simple techniques to boost your energy levels and get your New Year started with a bang.

  1. Drink Water…. Drink plenty of pure and clean water, it’s getting hot and our bodies need a replenishment of mother natures most sacred gift..WATER (Water can not only help to fill our bodies with energy it also regenerates our organs and can assist the body to heal naturally)
  2. Get some sunlight… No, please don’t go and get yourself burnt to a crisp. Get a healthy dose of sunlight (Vitamin D) for even just a couple minutes in the sun can help to rise those energy levels and wake up the body naturally.
  3. Stand up and stretch…Are you sitting at your desk? or even the couch? you’ll be amazed at how well you will feel just to stand up for a few minutes and do a few body stretches (This helps to wake up your circulation and get your blood pumping)
  4. Eat Organic…Food is energy! What we consume gets absorbed into our system. Eating Organic helps to eliminate chemicals that enter our bodies through our mouth. Helping our bodies to function well and increasing our energy levels five fold.
  5. Avoid Sugar… I assume we’ve all had our sugary fix over the holiday period, if not then many congratulations as it very hard with temptations all around us. For the rest of us… have you ever felt that sudden lack of energy?, a wave that consumes you to lie down even just for a few minutes? (Yep…that’s sugar!) Avoiding sugar will help to bring our bodies back to a mean lean fighting machine, boosting our energy levels and reducing the amount of strain put onto our organs via sugar.
Wk 218:

Fruit & Veg Specials

– Blueberries (NSW) … $ 6.99/kg
– Carrots 1st (VIC) … $4.99/kg
– Cucumber Leb (QLD) …$6.99/kg
– Mangoes KP (QLD) … $3.25/ea
– Onions Brown (VIC) … $3.75/kg
– Sebago Potatoes (QLD) … 3.25/kg
– Zucchinis (VIC) … 5.75/kg

 OQF only supplies CERTIFIED ORGANIC fruit & vegetables!

Great Sale on Xmas left overs!!


Christmas Stock MUST go…

Don’t Miss Out…

As usual we have a limited number of Christmas specials left in stock! OQF would like to clear these as quickly as possible so we have reduced prices significantly.

Free Range Whole Turkey 5-6kg                         $14.99/kg
Free Range Leg Hams (bone-in) app 4kg            $22.99/kg 
Free Range Pork Loin Roast app 1.5kg               $29.99/kg 
Gluten Free Brandy Sauce 150ml                        $3.70
UO Walter’s Xmas Pudding 400g                        $12.99
UO Walter’s Xmas Pudding 1kg                          $29.99
SOL Spelt Xmas Fruit Cake 900g                        $25
Britt’s Spelt Fruit Mince Tarts (4)                         $7.70
Britt’s Spelt G/F Fruit Mince Tarts (4)                  $7.70



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