Weekly Notice Week 36

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Weekly Notice Week 36


Red Cabbage, Yellow Capsicum, Leek bunches, Iceberg Lettuce, Red Onions & Spaghetti Squash

Edwards & Sons Apples

Donald, Jean and Brendon Edwards are premier growers & packers of quality certified organic apples. The farm is bordered by virgin eucalyptus trees and is nestled on Melbourne’s doorstep at Red Hill South. They have been growing apples for 5 generations since the first tree was planted by Don’s great grandfather in the late 1880’s. The orchard has grown with the local community until the early 1980’s when alternative farming methods were looked at due to concerns of the potential negative effects of toxic sprays on families in the area. It was not an easy path and there were many failures for every success.

In the mid 1980’s our organic principles had been put into practice and the orchard was certified organic by NASSA in 1987.
The full flavour, high colour of these apples is brought about by a combination of healthy soil and fresh clean water.
The selection of old apple varieties such as Gravenstein, Jonathan, Golden Delicious,Granny Smith along with newer varieties of Royal Gala, Pink Lady, Fuji, Sundowner and the latest variety Jazz.
Other crops grown on the certified organic orchard include Pears, Cherries, Lemons, Limes.
We also have certified organic juice that is crushed from our own fruit.
The apple juice is a big favourite and we now have the apple and pear as well.
Edward & Son have been supplying our apples since we started back in early 90s.

Apples G/Smith (kg)

Wk 3617:

Fruit & Veg Specials

Avocado Bulk (QLD) $12.99/kg
Broccoli (QLD) $1.99/kg
Celery (QLD) $3.99 bch
Eshallots (QLD) $4.75 bch
Mushrooms (VIC) $4.99/pnt
Pawpaw (QLD) $5.99/kg
Potatoes Chats (QLD) $2.25/kg
Silverbeet (QLD) $4.99/bch
Tomatoes Round (QLD) $5.99/kgt

Product Specials

Barambah Smoothies ……..Vanilla Bean, Mango, Banana & Blueberry
High in protein ….. Low in fat!!!!!375 ml for only $2.99



We will be closing end of next week!

CLOSED-15th September

This closure will coincide with the September school holidays
……. we will close from Friday 15/9/17
and re-open on Tuesday 3/10/17.

This week “36” and next week “37” will be normal trading weeks. Closed Wk 38 and 39, re-opening Wk 40.

Please note that If we are able to commence trading in Wk 40, that the Monday is a Public Holiday and we will have the usual delay in deliveries of 1 day except for country runs that have to be shipped on their normal day!

OQF strongly advises customers to order extra items during week 36 to ensure all needs are catered for during the period of our closure. We cannot guarantee availability of cold/frozen stock in the week 37 immediately before the closure as we will be trying to minimise stock being moved, especially perishable items!

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused!!!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us on Ph: (07) 3275 3552 or email us at sales@www.organicfoods.com.au

Kind Regards, The OQF Team.