Weekly Notices 916


Wk 916 – 29th February 2016

Fruit & Veg:

New ….

Cabbage Red, Mint and Red Radish Bulbs.

Bulk Items ….

Apples Royal Gala 12kg for $84.99, Carrots Juice 20kg for $29.99.

Potatoes ….
Here’s what our Tasmanian grower has to say about some of the varieties of potatoes OQF now has available:

Desiree Potatoes  
·All-rounder that holds its shape
·Round shape with pink skin and pale yellow flesh
·Excellent for salads, good baked/roasted and boiled or mashed
·Not recommended for frying

Dutch Cream Potatoes
·Waxy category with rich creamy buttery taste
·Large oval shape with thin yellow skin and creamy yellow flesh
·Make a beautiful mash and are great steamed/boiled or baked/roasted

Nicola Potatoes  
·Waxy medium sized potato with buttery flavour
·Oval shape with yellow skin and flesh
·Terrific salad or boiling potato and good for mashing, baking or gratins
·Not recommended for frying

Wk 916:

Fruit & Veg Specials

Apples G/Smith (Vic) $9.99/kg
Apples Royal Gala (Vic) $8.99/kg
Beans Green (Vic) $1.49/100g
Beetroot (Tas) $5.99/kg
Carrots Juice (Tas) $1.99/kg
Lemons (Qld) $12.99/kg
Limes (Qld) $12.99/kg
Onions Brown (Tas) $4.65/kg
Oranges Val 3KG (NSW) $7.99
Plums Sugar (Vic) $8.99/kg
Potatoes Nicola (Tas) $3.75/kg
Pumpkin Jap Whole (Qld) $1.75/kg
Tomatoes Cherry (Qld) $3.99 pnt


Lemons & Limes…

Available from OQF’s Gayndah grower. Both on special and selling well at these prices! Here’s what Michele Wolff “Digestive Solutions” has to say:

Lemon/Lime is highly antiseptic and fantastic for digestion especially if you have overeaten fat or protein. It breaks down mucus and helps parasitic infections. It benefits the liver by stimulating bile formation. It helps indigestion and cleanses the lymph and blood. Lemons break down nasty bacteria in the intestines and mouth and are good as a breath freshener. Meat digests a lot better if you marinate it in lemon juice the night before. Lemon also helps digest cooked meat.

Eggs and Salmonella

For those of you who were following the news last week, it was interesting to see the major supermarkets come under fire for generally NOT refrigerating their eggs! Apparently, there is a much greater risk of contracting Salmonella from unrefrigerated eggs. I guess many of you are wondering how OQF handles the eggs from Organigrow ….

– as soon as OQF receives the eggs they are placed in our large coldroom which runs between 2 – 4 degrees centigrade.
– they remain in this coldroom until dispatched to you
– in most cases delivered in fully refrigerated vehicles!
So when consuming eggs from OQF you can rest assured that they have been handled to the highest standards!!!

Return of Boxes

PLEASE could you recycle the eskies and boxes that you receive from OQF ! Not only is recycling GOOD for the environment, it also helps to keep OQF’s costs (and hence prices) DOWN !!!
The boxes easily collapse for storage till the next delivery, the eskies need to be treated with care as they will easily break!
REMEMBER, we need to have COMPLETE boxes and eskies returned …. missing/damaged lids or boxes do not help recycle !


PS: Don’t forget to submit your order …. add to cart then proceed to checkout and finally “PLACE ORDER” and you will receive an order confirmation with an order number !! PPS: Please don’t forget your ‘username’ and ‘password’ and that both are CASE SENSITIVE !!!

PPPS: If you need to reset your password and can’t locate a new email with the information … TRY looking in your ‘JUNK’ mail as it might just be there (same could be true for your ‘Order Confirmation’).

PPPPS: When you first go to login you will see a list of your PREVIOUS ORDERS and their status at the bottom of the screen …. if your last delivered order does not say “COMPLETED” and advises it is “ON HOLD” please contact me so I can delete the ‘on hold’ order and clear the system to allow your NEW order. Otherwise, the program will try to add the old order to your new order! This is a glitch we have found that seems to affect only 1 or 2 customers each week … the programmers are trying to discover the reason for this random glitch !!

Organic and Quality Foods
A1/57 Assembly Street, Salisbury, Brisbane, QLD 4107
Ph: 3275 3552 | F: 3277 5711

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