Weekly Notices February 22



Wk 816 – 22nd February 2016

Fruit & Veg:

New ….

Apples Red Dels, ASIAN Bok & Pac Choys, Blueberries, Cabbage Savoy Lge, Grapefruit Yellow, Mangoes Keitt, Parsnip, Pears Bosc, Potatoes Nicola, Rhubarb and Squash Gold.

Bulk Items ….

Apples Royal Gala 12kg for $84.99, Carrots Juice 20kg for $29.99

Wk 816:

Fruit & Veg Specials

Apples G/Smith (Vic) $9.99/kg
Apples Royal Gala (Vic) $8.99/kg
Beetroot (Tas) $5.99/kg
Carrots Juice (Tas) $1.99/kg
Eschallots (Qld) $4.49 bch
Lemons (Qld) $12.99/kg
Limes (Qld) $12.99/kg
Onions Brown (Tas) $4.65/kg
Oranges Val 3KG (NSW) $7.99
Pawpaw (Qld) $5.99/kg
Potatoes Nicola (Tas) $3.75/kg
Pumpkin Jap Whole (Qld) $1.75/kg
Tomatoes Cherry (Qld) $4.99 pnt


Chicken Feed!!!

The following is an excerpt from a WA Free Range Chicken Farmer about recent media coverage of Lilydale chicken. “It’s Chicken Feed“. ORGANIC might not be cheap but at least it is GOOD !!
“Lilydale’s recent media coverage has resulted in some extra enquiries regarding our poultry feeding practices ……
Regarding our thoughts about Lilydale and their poultry feed: we are not really sure why consumers were surprised. For better or for worse (we think worse), Australia now produces great bucket loads of cheap chicken and in the process uses GM Canola and Soy Beans. Lilydale is part of the Baiada group – one of Australia’s largest chicken companies, and consistently produce low-cost free-range and conventional chicken.

Best Time to place orders !!

OQF really appreciates the patience and tolerance of our customers to the CHANGEOVER from our previous database (Filemaker) ordering system to the NEW Shopping Cart program! Not many of us like change but sometimes it is necessary!
WHY DID WE CHANGE? …. Most of you will be well aware of the problems we experienced with Filemaker which required CONSTANT backwards & forwards communication (approx every 1 -­‐ 2 seconds) between every customers’ computer and our server based in Brisbane. Unfortunately, our broadband infrastructure is simply not up to the job causing the program to crash -­‐ especially for those customers where internet performance is particularly poor! Just over 2 years ago we upgraded from version 11 of Filemaker to version 12 and the wheels completely fell off!! We quickly returned to Filemaker 11 and haven’t been game to try another upgrade …. Filemaker is now up to version 15.
Now that version 11 is getting very old, we were advised that shortly Filemaker would stop servicing this version and therefore we would no longer be able to use our program. Best solution would have been for Filemaker to create an ‘APP’ (or similar) that allowed customers to order on their own computer (like shopping cart) and only connect to the internet to update product information when logging-­‐in and again to submit the order -­‐ I’m told that this is not part of Filemaker’s agenda!
Consequently, we commissioned 2 programmers to adapt the industry standard “Shopping Cart” program to mimic, as much as possible, ALL of the attributes of Filemaker! This has significantly increased the complexity of the new program yet, unlike basic versions, OQF customers can import old orders, update existing orders and place pre-orders for the following week. The system also has a DISTRIBUTOR function allowing Distributors to place orders on your behalf and modify orders if requested by customers.
We are still refining the program and removing the odd glitch. Once we have achieved this we will move on to adding photos and greater product information.
TIPS ….. When using the program as a customer I find the following simplifies and expedites the process:
– When ordering fruit & veg I go to fruit & veg in the MAIN category and select ‘ALL’ in the sub category. I then quickly scroll down the list and add all items in which I am interested. If you posi0on your screen properly you will be able to see each item added to the top of your ‘shopping cart’. I then go to the cart and select the weights required and key into notes’ specific quantities required (eg. 2 only) and other requests. I also ‘REMOVE’ any items I decide not to purchase!
– When ordering products I don’t use the main & sub categories, instead, I go to “FIND” and enter keywords to limit the size of the found list. For example, to find steak just key in ‘steak’! For other finds it may be helpful to add 2 or more words to the ‘find’ criteria -­‐ e.g.. ‘natural yoghurt’.

Do not use decimals when entering quantities -­‐ MUST BE WHOLE NUMBERS !!!!
If you click on the “?” next to a product’s price then you will access information about ingredients and certification!
Remember, the quantities ordered (especially f/veg) are only a guide to the final prices as OQF needs to weigh the produce for an accurate price …. this allows OQF to give customers EXACTLY what they want and not force them to purchase set amounts! Therefore, the order confirmation you receive is only your estimate of the final prices!

PS: Don’t forget to submit your order …. add to cart then proceed to checkout and finally “PLACE ORDER” and you will receive an order confirmation with an order number !! PPS: Please don’t forget your ‘username’ and ‘password’ and that both are CASE SENSITIVE !!!

PPPS: If you need to reset your password and can’t locate a new email with the information … TRY looking in your ‘JUNK’ mail as it might just be there (same could be true for your ‘Order Confirmation’).

PPPPS: When you first go to login you will see a list of your PREVIOUS ORDERS and their status at the bottom of the screen …. if your last delivered order does not say “COMPLETED” and advises it is “ON HOLD” please contact me so I can delete the ‘on hold’ order and clear the system to allow your NEW order. Otherwise, the program will try to add the old order to your new order! This is a glitch we have found that seems to affect only 1 or 2 customers each week … the programmers are trying to discover the reason for this random glitch !!